Advocacy: Investing with new technologies
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Advocacy: Investing with new technologies

The world is in an unending digital revolution. ICICB’s goal is to assist its clients in comprehending and adapting to the massive changes that are occurring due to the changes under way

ICICB Group is a multinational holding company that provides investment solutions for businesses and strives to get into the fundamental key points of digital transformation through cumulative experience in the investment industry. We have a broad investment portfolio of businesses that specialise in financial and investment offerings, with a primary focus on funding groundbreaking projects that will shape the future, which is why the company has several investments in blockchains, cryptocurrency-related projects and the metaverse. We develop and manage diversified companies such as financial services, healthcare, medical equipment trading, luxury trading, commercial real estate, industrial enterprises, energy resources, retail trade, agriculture, education, tourism, motor vehicle trading, payment service providers, software technology, hospitality, information services, commercial brokers, gaming and cryptocurrency, and many other industries. Industries such as gold and diamond trading, mining, medical equipment trading and real estate are among our primary investment activities. Our multi-talented team’s goal is to assist clients in comprehending and adapting to the massive changes that are occurring as a result of the world’s unending digital revolution. 

Our strategy 

We focus on pioneering the future that will inevitably be data-driven for financial solutions. We deploy technologies and integrate innovative processes to formulate sustainable solutions that will lay the groundwork for a bright future of digital banking and financial solutions. The investments are carried out directly or through our subsidiaries across a wide range of industries and asset classes. We envision creating value through the development of top-notch businesses that harness the company’s expertise, ideas and services to enable sustainable growth. More than just specialising in financial and investment offerings, we have evolved into a global business with innovations and revolutionary new business opportunities, spanning the entire scope of potential, from initial strategy to technical development. Our investment strategy emphasises intelligent automation to provide long-term solutions for clients, as well as the availability of services to establish and meet global market demands. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to raise investments and enable partners to attain their full potential and create a better financial future for them. We will constantly evolve to meet the needs of our clients in private banking, wealth management, real estate, digital finance and other areas. The goal of financing, supporting and promoting small and large businesses is to respond to global market demands and increase domestic and international investment. We aim to redefine the standards of market participants by bringing the next-generation workflow tools, market data and analytics. 

Using practical content, real-time projects and valid insights from across the industry, we simplify the process and transition of digitisation and help accelerate our client’s efforts. We possess the ability to understand the investment market logically without any complications. Our process has resulted in a variety of portfolios designed to generate higher returns. Our people cultivate a technology-driven approach across all areas of the business as we realise how important it is to reflect the spectrum of sector experience in the investment industry. 

We have a long-term outlook for business relationships and prefer organic growth through acquisitions in areas where management has significant experience allowing maximum delivery of services targeting the transformation of the digital world and investment decisions. 

ICICB’s digital initiatives 

Over the past few years, there has been a worldwide acceleration in digitalisation. Blockchain, Web 3.0 and virtual reality technologies have enabled the population to shift in the business landscape, where new ways of gaining competitive advantages have emerged. Operating at the epicentre of the digital industrial revolution, ICICB now provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and has quietly positioned itself at the forefront of global digital transformation. With licenses in Fintech, hedge funds and crypto exchange, we create vigorous technology-oriented models that clear the way for innovation. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies ensures the stability, availability and scalability required to support strategic initiatives while allowing for faster time-to-value and lower costs. 

ICICB Blockchain enables advancements in artificial intelligence, metaverse, cryptocurrency and other fields. With lower transaction fees and faster transaction speeds, our all-inclusive blockchain solution is shaping the world with a constantly expanding crypto ecosystem. We have committed to numerous projects, including a crypto trading app, which will allow users to trade (buy and sell) crypto and utilise it in peer-to-peer payments and transfers, along with the breakthrough of a cryptocurrency-powered metaverse and gaming developed on our own blockchain. 

Our innovative blockchain project aims to reinvent the entire user engagement experience across various industry domains – from decentralised blockchain payments and engineering to the prosperous virtual gaming industry, metaverse and non-fungible token space. Investors and stakeholders’ attention has been drawn to the distinctive set of tools that are designed to enhance the ease of use, versatility, low transaction costs and speed of the blockchain platform.