The Global Governance Project is a joint initiative between GT Media Group Ltd, a publishing company based in London, UK, and the the Global Governance Program based at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.

The Global Governance Project provides a vital function for private and public sector organisations in support of their governance responsibilities. To carry out our executive duties effectively, we must have access to unbiased, objective and independent opinion, based on actual policy set at and influenced by the world systemically important events and organisations.

As a project it publishes content on the how we can all demonstrate better collective governance, via independent platforms for the world largest intergovernmental organisations, governments, NGOs,  multilateral and bilateral summits and the private sector’s leadership.

Leveraging the heritage and respect that has been fostered by the partnership, we take the learning, academic research and summit compliance reports produced by the Global Governance Project and collect independent recommendations from invested organisations on the big issues being addressed in the world today. These are then published in the authoritative thematic and Summit briefing books, given to the world leaders at the annual summits and simultaneously shared with global stakeholders.

The Global Governance Program and the G7 and G20 Research Groups, based at Trinity College in the University of Toronto are the world’s leading source of unbiased, in-depth and independent information on the G7 and G20. They have been producing research and analysis on summit agendas for more than 30 years. Their research is respected at the highest levels.

Led by co-directors John Kirton and Madeline Koch, they produce annual compliance reports on the outcomes and commitments made at each summit — holding the leaders of these systemically significant countries accountable to their promises.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of the Research Group providing independent monitoring of the G7’s progress in her closing remarks at the 2015 G7 Schloss Elmau Summit

“We have meanwhile set up a process and there are also independent institutions monitoring which objectives of our G7 meetings we actually achieve. When it comes to these goals we have a compliance rate of about 80%, according to the University of Toronto. Germany, with its 87%, comes off pretty well. That means that next year too, under the Japanese G7 presidency, we are going to check where we stand in comparison to what we have discussed with each other now. So a lot of what we have resolved to do here together is something that we are going to have to work very hard at over the next few months. But I think that it has become apparent that we, as the G7, want to assume responsibility far beyond the prosperity in our own countries. That’s why today’s outreach meetings, that is the meetings with our guests, were also of great importance.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel, Schloss Elmau, 8 June 2015

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