Progress towards an equitable world
G7 Summit

Progress towards an equitable world

In a year earmarked for global renewal, rebuilding and revitalisation, the very fabric of our rules-based order is being violently challenged. Russia’s attack on Ukraine threatens not only Ukraine’s independence, but also European and global peace and, moreover, the values that we as the G7 share: freedom, self-determination, democracy and the rule of law.

In our unified response to this unjustified Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, we have demonstrated the strength and purpose of multilateralism. More than ever before, we stand together as the G7 with our international partners to defend right over might – and do so with conviction. We have imposed the toughest sanctions against the Russian aggressors, are receiving Ukrainian refugees with open arms and are delivering weapons to help the brave citizens of Ukraine defend their country. President Vladimir Putin’s imperialistic policy must fail. And together, we must ensure that our shared values, rules and norms prevail over brute force and the destabilisation of the global geopolitical and geoeconomic landscape.

Here at the G7 summit in Elmau, we therefore welcome partners from all over the world to reaffirm our unity, determination and the strength of multilateralism in the face of this challenge. We will work to stem the tide of ripple effects stemming from Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable war of aggression against Ukraine, for instance by tackling the dire humanitarian crisis within and around Ukraine, global food insecurity due to acute shortages, energy and other supply shocks, and the pervasive spread of disinformation, manipulation and interference by foreign actors disseminating false narratives.

Long-term ambitions

Despite new challenges and the disastrous war in Ukraine, our long-term ambitions will not be derailed: we will stay on track to overcome the setbacks we face, including from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of achieving the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Guided by our goal to achieve progress towards an equitable world, we will jointly address the greatest systemic challenges of our era.

Sustainable planet: We need to live sustainably, implementing the Paris commitments on climate change across all domains, including mitigation, adaptation and climate financing, as well as our wider commitments to the environment, nature and biodiversity. In this regard, accelerating the decarbonisation of our industry sectors is crucial. We aim to build an alliance of ambitious countries – an open and collaborative Climate Club – to accelerate this epic transition. The idea is to align ambitious climate policies, while ensuring a level playing field to prevent competitive distortions and carbon leakage in the industrial sector in particular.

Economic stability and transformation: Our economies face many uncertainties, with current geopolitical tensions, commodity shortages and price surges, elevated debt levels, ongoing and new supply chain disruptions as well as pandemic risks, highlighting the need to work together towards recovery. Our economies need both long-term growth and resilience at this time, and we seek agreement on concrete action on how to achieve our green and digital transformation in a socially just and gender equitable way.

Healthy lives: The COVID-19 pandemic might feel like yesterday’s news, but it continues to harm our communities. This year, 2022, should be the year to truly overcome it. Prioritising global health has therefore not lost any of its relevance and is, indeed, one of the most pressing objectives of the German G7 presidency. With its unprecedented social and economic impact, COVID-19 continues to set us back in our efforts to achieve the SDGs and compound wider issues. The G7 will continue to lead health efforts. Together, we commit to pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, including through the ACT-Accelerator, as well as by strengthening the global health architecture with a strong World Health Organization at its centre.

Investment in a better future: Building on G7 commitments from last year, we intend to narrow the infrastructure gap in emerging markets and developing countries. We will build future livelihoods by shaping and implementing the G7 Partnership for Infrastructure and Investment. In so doing, we will mobilise public and private capital and global expertise to build concrete partnerships that pursue our climate and health objectives.

Stronger together: In the face of rising authoritarian threats, democratic backsliding, and shrinking democratic and civic spaces, we stand for open, equitable and democratic values, side by side with those who also share and defend them. At this summit in Elmau, we will forge a cross-continental alliance of resilient democracies that are able to defend the international rules-based order. We share the conviction that we are stronger together and we stand united in our commitment to strengthen pluralistic democracies and equality, to defend human rights and the rule of law, to protect information spaces, to counter hybrid threats and disinformation, and to advance digital progress in an inclusive global order.

In this spirit, I am delighted to welcome our international partners to Elmau. As we stand stronger together, we will achieve progress towards an equitable world.