ADVOCACY: Investing with new technologies
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ADVOCACY: Investing with new technologies

ICICB Group aims to help its customers across diverse sectors reach their full potential by paving the way to digital transformation

ICICB Group is a global and diversified company that was established in order to exceed the usual elements of thought leadership and get into the fundamental key points of digital transformation with cumulative experience in the investment industry. We have a broad investment portfolio of businesses that operate around the world. With our world-class services, ICICB Group helps clients to develop sustainable growth.

We develop and manage diversified companies operating in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, medical equipment trading, luxury trading, commercial real estate, mining, industrial enterprises, energy resources, retail trade, agriculture, education, tourism, motor vehicle trading, payment service provision, software technology, hospitality, information services, commercial brokers, gaming and cryptocurrency, as well as many others. Industries such as gold and diamond trading, mining, medical equipment trading and real estate are among the group’s primary investment activities.

We focus on pioneering a future that will inevitably be data-driven for financial solutions.

Our mission

Our mission to finance, support and promote small and large enterprises in the fields of banking, medical equipment, real estate and many other industries comes as a response to the demands of the labour market and to increase domestic and international investments. ICICB Group is aiming to redefine the standards of market participants by bringing them next-generation workflow tools, market data and analytics.

Using practical content, real-time projects and valid insights from across the industry, we simplify the process and transition of the digital transformation and help to accelerate our clients’ efforts. What’s more, we also possess the ability to understand the investment market logically, and without any complications. Our process has resulted in a variety of portfolios that are designed to generate higher returns. We realise how important it is to reflect the scope of sector experience in the investment industry, and consequently our people have cultivated a technology-driven approach that reaches across all areas.

ICICB Group has a long-term outlook for business relationships. We prefer to achieve organic growth through acquisitions in areas where our management has significant experience, allowing for the maximum delivery of services targeting the transformation of the digital world and investment decisions.

Our partner

Our rich collaboration with Atari – a prominent international manufacturer of electronic game devices that was founded in California – resulted in the formation of Atari Chain. Atari Chain, a cryptocurrency company, launched Atari Token, a decentralised cryptocurrency. With this, the partnership had a monumental vision of creating a cryptocurrency token for the interactive gaming industry, bringing benefits to both developers and publishers of games. We foster an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, and the expansion of existing and inspired projects.

Success together

ICICB Group is made up of six brands, with decades of experience, that offer an innovative approach and a strategy driven towards value creation. By integrating technologies and innovative processes, we can help to take the pressure off businesses – allowing them to focus on their core operations. We want to empower our clients, ensuring that they can reach their full potential and continue to thrive.